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black colour of the child's excrements appears •, if

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their speculations and theories, are far from being good prac-

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his left arm along by the operator's right or vice versa.

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the grain, by our method of malting. Its great excess of Nutritive value over that of.

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at Berlin, the antiseptic and disinfectant action or

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Liquor Amnii. — In the N, O. Medical News and Hospital Gazelle,

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worse. TTe have a remarkable picture of society at that time by Petrarch.

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is to show that the keloid originally described by Alibert, and now

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tality in a faulty nutrition. This occurs too frequently, not

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incubated for 1 hour at 37°C. The results are shown in Table VI.

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VinariOj one of the most celebrated physicians of the 14th century^ viz :

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decided that the only means of releasing the finger

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urea, uric acid, sugar, etc., and this liquid tissue rejects those im-

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of sanguine fluid in each organ; and 2d, a certain activity in the in-

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oi-der mentioned : anaemia, albuminuria, dropsy, diarrhoea. The

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or hands, without any condition to account for it, except perhaps the

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ailla. N. M., to relieve Sni^geon William H. McKee, 6th Inbntry Cali-

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the exhibition of aconite. Remembering the supposed toxic

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purpose merely to accumulate data which may be used for destructive

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cases I have examined show an irregular, random distribution in the

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Pus cells have entirely disappeared from urine, which has assumed

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described pervades English social life even to its lowest

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pregnant women, which should be encouraged everywhere, and it

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better, but distasteful." Sydenham believed that he acted as

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1910 she had a severe attack of haematemesis, after which she was kept

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liquid and incompressible wax. Furthermore, the body of

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By W. SAMPSON HANDLEY. M.S., F.R.C.S., Capt. R.A.M.C.(T.).

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This division, then, is founded on changes which are well known to

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There is an intimate relationship between this "surplus nitrogen" and the

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Thomas Rushee overseer for the poor from the feast of Easter 1624 to the feast of Easter 1625.

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J. Bumstead, M.D., LL.D., and Robert W. Taylor, A.M., M.D. Fifth

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diagnosis of a certain degree of anssmia. The hypothesis

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Abt. XIY.^Traosaetioiis of the Pathological Society of London. YoL IX. Indadmg the

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In other words, by a luitural method, vaccination of large nunihors was

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sound in the word here, and attending to his own sensations while doing so.

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cians, the very obvious suggestion of this special investigation would un-

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ture from 102 or 103 to 99 within 36 hours, continuing from then on