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W. H. Hamer, M.D. " Sir Arthur Newsholme, K.G.B., M.D.

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to ascribe this similarity in features and fashion of body to training

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drawn up, and the part containing the severed vessel, which

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believed to be completely transferable. Very moderate terms, «s

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be the cause ? He was not in the habit of smoking much, and was

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and draw down the elbow flexed to a right angle. 2.

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a satisfactory explanation and it is decided that the dis-

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six drops of tincture of belladonna are added. A generous diet is allowed.

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his ordinary quantity — and he did not feel sick, only very weak.

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procedure? Death would inentably have occurred in this case

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like myself, have been taught the lesson by sad ex-

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selves for wet-nursing ; it is often latent, or its symptoms

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showed no symptoms of insanity whatever, is able to attend to her work,

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mortality for the mother in either of these operations,

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well knew this, he cannot be held responsible for any alleged damages.

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''Voice, Song, and Speech." — Brozvn & Behrike.

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removed before the antiverted womb can be righted, or a

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extensive vegetations and ulcerations on the aortic valves. In the vege-

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mechanism by which the various symptoms were produced, and

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lent abcess, and the necrosis of the Malpigio glomerul. We

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admitting its existence, affirm that it is identical with nervous force; and

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time-consuming and less certain operation by the tedious