give, pay, or offer, directly or Indirectly, to any Department employee authorised to

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sublimate to 750 of water — and were afterwards kept strictly sepa-

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the formation of a circumscribed abscess was found lying in the sub-

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"VVhen it is suggested that all dogs should wear muzzles, a great

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dated September 28, 1905, and effective October 1, 1905, shall cease to be effective on

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before the passage of the new law was a little more than $800,000.

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the balance of the walls being frame. The end walls are constructed

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This room was fairly well lighted and fairly clean. It was noted that the product

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avoided by the exercise of due diligence and foresight : Provided, That upon the written

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hereby amended in the following particulars, to wit :

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The hog chill room on the seventh floor was In good condition and whitewashed fairly

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in it formed a small community of their own, fairly well isolated from

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FOR SALE: Office equipment of the late A. L. Cambre,

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ganisms; (2) tends to hold gas formation, distention and diarrhea to a

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the lacings ply) allows the support to be drawn evenly and firmly 'about the pelvis;

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Export lahel« and brands. — While labels to be affixed to goods for foreign shipment may

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able by outside influences than most investigators have been wont to believe.

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parenchyma for a considerable distance, distorting the architecture of

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King, John V Webster Groves Kyner, Thomas A Kansas City Lipman, Bernard S St. Louis

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So far as could be determined^ no instance of acute inflammation

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Mrs. B, a foreign white maid and five children. They lived on the

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go ahead with the raising of funds but await any action

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of the aorta, pulm<mary splenic and right femoral arteries; saccular

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all the totals showing decreases when compared with 1905. Th^re

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with a constant tension of carbon dioxide and a suitable pressure of

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dirty and the light is practically artificial throughout. The water-closets are in a very

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almost completely paralyzed, though some slight motion of the left

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The uniform and coincident occurrence of the tumors, the fact that

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with the author that the statements contained in the above paragraph are " no fairy

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takes its characteristics with it. In this there was

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on a treadmill. He remained in excellent condition. The urine showed

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mittee on Cancer in cooperation with the Missouri Divi-