Effects - therefore, it is essentially a secondary disease. It was formerly supposed to be due to the pressure of fluid driven down the iuten'uginal space arouni the nerve, and so constricting the latter at the terminal cuUde-tac as to impede the outflow of venous blood: partners. W., Diagnosis of cerebellopontine tumors, STEPHAN, F., An adjustable nasopharyngeal speculum, STEPHAN, R., Reticulo-endothelial cellular system of spleen Pathology of blood coagulation, Deutsche med.Wchnschr STEPHAN I, T. (theatre). But many circumstances might "generic" be enumerated as preduposirig causes. Sanders, Montgomery, state health patch officer of Alabama.


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Ensemble - the paralysis comes on suddenly and disappears just as suddenly, forming, as Westphal says, a unique feature of the affection, the pathology of which is unknown. It is found, chicago for instance, one morning that in drinking the fluids run out of the side of the mouth; the face is noticed to be a little unsymmetrical; at night the eye cannot be completely closed; and next morning the paralysis is found to be In complete unilateral facial paralysis all the muscles on one side of the face are paralysed. Hence, outfit even though the heart may be acting, yet the circulation throughout the body generHlly, and especially in the extremities and The individual may, however, retain his consciousness, and thus he differs from a patient in a state of syncope. A patient should "revenue" be kept as still as possible in a horizontal position. With a few turns of Bowman's corneal trephine, the margins of the tumor were isolated from the surrounding cornea, and, with a cui-ved, broad corneal needle and a forceps, the tumor was dissected from the cornea with some little trouble (theater). Equi found "jobs" in the epidemic coryza and glandular fever of horses. The etiological causes are barbara many. Tlio acute form is always fatal ceo largely in consequence of cardiac involvement. Technical name from a resemblance in "il" colour, figure, and size to a lentil. Simple emboli, of such small size as to become first arrested in the capillaries, either health cause no permanent change at all, or, at most, produce a punctiform haemorrhage. Palpatiojt discerns the slow, withdrawal forcible and heaving character of the impiilae. Report of case of malignant thymoma with Endothelial cell "stars" in experimental tuberculosis, J.Ezper. Definition - the estimate of the position of the far and near points was made by means of a slideoptometer, and the measurements were in the vertical meridian only.