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case to determine whether the results of the examination overstep the
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with the diaphragm, move with respiration. Cysts arising from the tail
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the present year ; and also, as Delegates from other State Medical
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the polynuclear elements outnumbered the mononuclears in the
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borders ; it has a yellowish or gray tint» without any exudation under-
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not only that the dark solar line {B) corresponded exactly with the
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research have been accepted as settled. True, other learned in-
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observation. Instead of a vertically oval disk, as on the right,
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As I see it, faulty teaching has given us the wrong idea of tubercu-
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diastase of plants, already alluded to. Being complex it is prone
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l)Ut in no case can operations on veins be considered other than uncertain and
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quite incomprehensible. In one of them particularly
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then tolerably open, Dr. Davis removed with a pair of long
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the acute stage and when partial or complete recovery had taken
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Eeport on the Treatment of Epidemic Cholera. By John
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Hydrarg. Submur. thus exhibited has also proved a va-
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The Transmutation of Bacteria. By S. Gurxev-Dixox. Pp. xviii +
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In the third tracing, on September 27, or three days after
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in again, and as a temporary form of nourishment pos<
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Case CCLXXXI. — Murder by Strangling. — Horizontal
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of all sweepings from dressmaking, millinery or tailoring estab-
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technique of the plastic surgery of the face. Lancet, Lond.,
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tor Bome time Complained of frequenl attacks of headache,
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and insight was that they considered the infective jieriod in scarla-
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lady on the floor with the ease and elegance of a French dancing master.
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when the child cried, it was thought advisable to carry the
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par aphasia, i. e., confusion of words (see below; the symptoms of central and trans-
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took her into the Clinical Ward ; she seemed rather stupid, but was intelli-
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it was owing to the existence of a very long sigmoid flexure.
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in mind that a large sinus can be satisfactorily treated without interfering
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fleshy persons, making it easy to palpate them. By pull-
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century had to contend. After speaking of the dishonesty and