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the lower stratum of air, while the windward side of the
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cbaructeristic false membranes of diphtheria, whether they are situated in the
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His wife also observed that he would get tired quickly,
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thousand (3,000) war veterans; aptly termed "Old People's
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then on the chest and shoulders, then over the back and extremities. The
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If it is evident, finally, that the hemorrhage is increasing, as indi-
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The lung presented numerous ecchymotic spots which gave great
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turbances of the circulation and respiration are not yet of impor-
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light. Extending upward from the base of the ear, one can see a
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perseverance of a Harvey, or a Jenner, or a Darwin, or a Koch ?
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feeble as scarcely to be felt at the wrist ; and her bowels, like her limbs
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Those who think it novel have been carrying on an active
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men, unwittingly suffer severely from costiveness, and thus prepare
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of his own. he quotes Dr. Grailly Hewitt, who says :
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Marked hyper-resonance is met in pneumothorax, pneumopericardium. The
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congestion of the brain, with loss of sensation and voluntary
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Department, 1001 E. Fourth Street, Greenville, NC 27858.
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the cut surface of the right remnant, and the left remnant su-
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never had Dr. Flint's assistance that they did not want it again ; and,
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7. To exercise in weariness, increased by every step, is not only not beneficial, it
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oppement ulterieur, ou plutot qui empeche la disintegration.
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an hour, in which quantities it would be very likely to
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head causing passive flexion and extension, this is felt
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lar damage has grown, will be seriously embarrassed in the per-
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1668 a. — Extrait d'une lettre de M. P. a M. . . . sur le sujetdes vers qui se trou-
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tically negative results. Blood serum from a cat three months after recovery from
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les veines cavea et sus-hepatiques. These. 62 pp., 1 1. 8°. Paris. [\V m .]
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ing tumor in the right infraclavicular and mammary regions, reaching the