•5802 Macgillivray, W. Manual of botany. Lond. 1853.
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reipiired and for a longer time than ran Iw Inirne by
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of the Streptococcus erysipelatis cannot be reliably established. The strep-
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tion recovered promptly, and under the most unfavourable conditions,
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Dr. Kennedy on Cautery in Vesioo-Vaginal Fistula* 235
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lie was about to leave; and in the game Beason Dr. Welch removed
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detail, and subjected to a critical examination. The importance of this
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During the past thirty-five years " Vin Mariani " has gained more ardent ad-
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When the stomach will bear it, the tincture of iodine ought to b&
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gramme, alcohol 10 c.c, 5 per cent solution of carbolic acid up to 100 c.c.
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" That this malady is contagious is shown every day
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culation is based upon a singular fact, established by the
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water and have the organ completely emptied ; washing
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of the cut, under the artery, and out again to a correspond-
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Greater success has been reached in treating experimental infections or
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Roads. — The condition of roads has its hygienic aspect ;
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has elapsed, there is malaise with pyrexia and pain in the limbs. The
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Peruviana," Jnaug. Disser. Berlin, 1877. — Tschudi, von. Uber die geograpMsche
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average sensual man of bygone times. According to ancient and primi-
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seventeen of this act, and shall state tho doings of said board or officer upon said
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son experimented with it in 1867, and found it to be " a good and
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urethra was found to be congested, especially in the
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of the blood following excision of the spleen, but chiefly in animals
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impossibility, should prompt the clinician or surgeon familiar with the
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been lying stagnant in the pelvis that the nerve centres are simply over-
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pollens themselves. This is characteristic of all hay-fever pollens. In
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the simplest cutaneous vesications of the cuticle, the contents
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side with the knees drawn up. The left index finger is then
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is born with complete occlusion of the pupil; it neces-
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persons pick out the diseased corn and destroy it; some farmers now cut
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great ofl[iciousness, and is continually chattering in a confused
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epilepsy which can be obtained from the patient himself, and these
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