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and management of the hospital generally. The Board so far

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summed up as follows: 1. The meridional sclerotomy gajies

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at the time of the injury a small abscess had formed here, had

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painful, sore when touched : sensation of heat experienced in the larger

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operation for extirpating the diseased and disorganised muscle, and his

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in the world; there is an abundance of every thing at a cheap rate; plenty

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for selfish purposes. Pharmacy, or the art of manufacturing

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chlorid in camphor water or in equal parte of camphor

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M.D.. Oxon.. F.R.C.P., Physician to the Metropolitan Hospital.

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when attempts are made either at flexion, extension,

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cian until the larynx has been invaded and the only

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with the macroscopic and microscopic characteristics, agreed fully

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'Ah!' says she, 'I have one sign, doctor, that never, never deceives me.'

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llie food should be restricted to articles which satisfy hunger

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considered established as an axiom, and as a consequence, it has been adopted

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organ has fallen inward, causing a transverse depression

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and evening while washing the face. Whenever hoarse-

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JuuE. — Instead of removing hemorrhoidal nodules with the

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degenerates, and that favoring 'the unsexing of habitual crim-

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sor of Hygiene In the Medical School of Harvard University. Illus-

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deficient at best, disorganized by sickness and overwork and

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ture death? Shall the non-fatality of heredity be forever de-

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tion of inflammation of the conjunctiva in frontal neuralgia. She had,

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ings. Emollient poultices, or compresses kept constantly wet with cold

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sult, misunderstanding, abuse and heart sickness and disgust,

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Some years ago I removed a mass, twice as large as the present, from the

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Persons unacquainted with medicine do not know that children undergo

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fatal complications of typhoid fever. Occasionally it

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her incapable of passing the urine, and the bladder being distended, I

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arm without any result, more than a slight degree of inflammation in one

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bronchi, the great probability is that the patient will recover, however