But if he delay, for the rest, his way is bound by beggarly toil.
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pedicle is the best in all cases. Each case must be de-
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nal cavity. Over the tumor the abdominal walls had been all
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children wiili butiicientfoodshesaid, and she had suckled each
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inal pains and fluid bowel dejections, often having the
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Physician to the New York Hospital, Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine.
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relief to the system and the eruption than a pill of blue mass,
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the uterus, tubes and ovaries from their adhesions posteriorly,
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bone it passed forward about four inches, and made its
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pulse 58, full and regular, surface somewhat cold, the breath-
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therapeutics they now have. Fleig immersed exposed loops of
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one single organ (Hypophysis, Thyroid) has been removed from the
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(6) Large areas of stomach wall can be replaced by omental tissue^
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and McNee in Prance concluded that it was between 14 and
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represented a degenerative form of the soft warty growths which
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A. W., Durham, Ont.; Hunter, T. Y., East Floreneeville, IS^.B.; John-
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advises superficial incisions, no bandages, and careful examination for
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all that occurs, is believed to In- unnecessary and preventable) — in the
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centre there is word- deafness with aphasia. Such a patient's mental con-
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water drawn from superficial wells in parte of the city to which our
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scrofula, hud l)een sent to a variety of bathing-places. The lachrymal ducts were
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prevent interference, for recovery after three operations is an encouraging
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reproduction. There is, therefore, no hypothesis to account for
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French. — 5. LifepiNte, R. Le diabite et son traitemerU, Paris, 1899.
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the patient can have his evacuations, without the least disturbance of the
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and with a lesson taught him which may have its moral
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effusion above referred to was no doubt due to the dragging
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large enough to admit tlie little finger. To the naked eye, and
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tubes at a distance of 15 to 20 cms. from the body, and by not employ-
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true pains ; and all great and acute pains, as when the wo-
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by peripheral neuritis (pseudo-tabes) by D^jerine ; the article upon Tabes
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been tried, with more or less benefit, according to the advance-
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any discomfort whatever either from mechanical or toxic causes.
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joint, and it is only after patient and frequently pain-