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equilateral triangle; when the elbow is extended the three points are in a straight line. The
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naturallv makes me a strong believer in the alkaline treatment.
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2. Instead of the sulphate, substitute 1 part each of red
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The meeting, which was held with closed doors, was then
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difficulty encountered in the preoperative diagnosis.
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to bottom. To judge of this, both sides of it should be
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2 1 8 Notes of Three Cases of Progressive Muscular Atrophy.
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As the sick of the ^^ mounted rangers," who were at this post in 1833-'4,
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crease of temperature aud in the presence of dry air.
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but does the surgeon imagine that callous will form better, or an
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cosmetic in character, aiming at concealmenit rather than at complete
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mously augmented the power of the physician in treating
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him that, with regard to the liver, he discovered its
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J. S. Prout, of Brooklyn, who alluded in his opening
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Leotanr on ChemUtiT u>d Pbyeloa, Boril MUEtuy College,
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special tube with a narrow graduated neck ; sulphuric acid
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contagious animal disease. Smuggling or remov^al across State
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nitrate of potassa also relieve ? To say that in both cases the excess of
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Both walking and trotting should in the first instance be
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the coma may be delayed, or, according to the observations of Eatcliffe,
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When ready for operating, the patient must be brought to
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along the larger veins. This form is frequently present in states
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clinical and microscopic observation. 4. It has been observed as a conse-
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late to my remarks on the condition of tbe New York
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in the white matter are few and small, and the hemor-
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(Arohiv fur Physiologische Heilkunde. Jahrgang 1858, Drittes Heft.)
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and Chronic Conditions. UCLA at Miramar Sheraton Hotel, Santa
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to stenosis, there was thickening of the pylonis. With regard to the
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accident. Occasionally she had had slight discharge of mucus from the
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relations may take place directly or indirectly, the husband being
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Experiment Station: E. C. Sciiroeder, superintendent; W. E. Cotton, assistant.