factors. If the emissions continue the patient becomes neurasthenic. The
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State on Admission. — The patient complained most of cough,
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difference ranged from seven days to five months with regard to net-
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The union of men for scientific purposes always does this. And there is noth-
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ing generally twenty-four, and exceptionally forty-eight
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flabbiness. Poultices judiciously prescribed at the outset of treatment of the
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parativelv benign, the lesions of the nervous system
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interferes with the supply of this from the blood, or that
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not infrequently this local extension of the infection gives rise to
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right is one which the law recognizes and will protect, and for
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form found in atrophy from diseases of the spinal cord. If we bear in mind
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In later stages there may be wasting, excessive dyspnoea, anorexia, or aliment-
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were enlarged glands at the hilum. At the lower end of the common bile
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that which has been disclosed in comparatively recent years, by
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of some of the instruments employed for extracting them.
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and infectious forms of peritonitis. The therapeutical pro-
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taken as an indication of a most hefdthful condition of the
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Smith succeeded, and was called superintendent of the Army
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coming through more than one leaf; pressure is then
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in a pecuniary pibint of view, but it disarranged all my
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the face was swollen as far as the temporo-malar ar-
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of the pier a fish recently caught was hanging on the scales, which
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still some discharge for four days ; twice forceps were applied as
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of Delegates that I believe would be of great importance to the
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women desirous of offspring, alid in exemplification of th^ old adage,
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Sibilant rhonchi, or sibilus, is a more high-pitched whistling sound, due to
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Medical, 987; surgical, 713; eye and ear, 368; diseases of women. 142;
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has abated when no other sign of cardiac disease has
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by the use of a knife. The lard can be removed from the