as to the requirements of a good crude drug, who are not particular in their selec-
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fllra openings. Special list and samples on request.
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season ; milhing-time also should be so fixed that it may be
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spoonful of salseratus. Warm the milk and put in the but-
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salts. The most available acid for this purpose is carbonic acid; there-
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cardinal one, that of finding the urethra, is shown by
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same side of the cord for four or five segments, and then gradually pass
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but positive glaucomatous excavation, the vessels being bent and
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exposed to view, and any desired vapor could be breathed into the lungs by
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fine balsam similar to turpentine, useful in wounds, bruises, &c. This
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ison, "Wis. ; Prof. G. C. Huber, TTniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor,
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operation be necessary, the most certain one is complete divi-
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and the probability of a break-down ; yet when horses are
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Kaylarian, M. Brumberg, E. Packer, (Dean England), T. Young, M. Gallagher, W.
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If the tumor is situated on the left side, great difficulty may
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the tumour, was pervious and natural in its structure. The heart and lungs
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trends in hospital administration, recruitment and edu-
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themselves until he can accomplish his death after his own fashion.
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ZB, On Hepatic Colic. By M. Trousseau. (Gazette des Ilopitanx. 37, 1860.)
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Art. III. — A new Method of graduating Glass Beads, for
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3 inches by 2 to IJ by 1. They have not as yet developed distinct
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96 cc. 5/8 N NaCl + 2 cc. 10/8 n CaCl2 + 2 cc. 5/8 N KCl) are physiologically
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reflexes were greatly increased, and the Babinski phenomenon
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character of the renal affection and of that of the brain whether
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death-rate in the females far outnumljered that in the males — males
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morrhage arrested. — Annall Univer. di Med. July^ 1829.
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Frank Woodbury (Journal, June 22, 1898) in my letter
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duties, well performed, will go far in ensuring him pre-
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degrees in the different vessels. The middling sized
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cessively nitrogenous and cause waste of proteid ; in such
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these cases present a honeycombed appearance from the excess of exuda-
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order to get a view of it, if you pick it up and tie it, in