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Pathological Anatomy. — As we have seen on page 152, the cell bodies of
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mentary physiology during the same period. If he is not a candidate
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Week 4, Day 17 : Three hours of performance are devoted to a field trip to a
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the proficiency of persons who are not intended to enter the University.
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sis. It is probably produced entirely by mechanical causes, due to the
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Surgery, Medicine, and Chemistry. Having in view the advantage of a
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cephalitis, for in not a few cases infantile hemiplegia may he due to embolic
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pearance of certain peculiar motor phenomena due to irritation of the nervous
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gallic acid and naphthol (Neisser), sulphuric acid, glycerin, toluylendiamin,
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Resident clinical clerks, £21 for the winter session; £15 15s. for
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William Henry Parsey, M.D. Lond., Hatton, Wanviclc.
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cur. They are partly temporary and partly persistent, and comprise increase