exposure to cold they become blue. Hands feel heavy, hard, and
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III the autumn of 1892 we determined to make some observations on
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ter may be pressed out. Sometimes collections of considerable size open
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cannot want genuinely as much as he has the means to buy. Or, if he
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This topic is now engaging the attention of many of the best
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Naval Sick Berth Reserve. Over 300 members of the women's
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the illness began ten days after arrival; within three weeks four
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perate young man, in full vigor. Both arms had been
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garten's statement that giant cells do not form in syph-
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patient was foiced to go to bed, owing to fever and sex ere
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community did not falter even when he was making ready to lay off the
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and may replace coma as the sequel of a convulsive attack.
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some cases vigorous rubbing with ice is useful during the sponging.
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in practically all cities of our own country, the disease
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so; it contains only the cases of which he has received authentic accounts.
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ophoria, if present, will be indicated upon the scales. It is
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and mental misery, coming on or attaining their worst when other
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this disease, is commonly set down as a cause of sterility ; but it is well
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this explanation solely by my experimental results and against my
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stances in a state of decomposition exert a decidedly contrary
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the urethra for four months. Perfect cure of the urethra. Considerable improvement of the
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The first group includes those of a transitory character, following
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^ Rev. de gyn. et de chir. abdom., Paris, 1905, ix, 225,
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Takamine, and others, and the discoveries concerning the
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of us, Fellows of the College, carried up the repaired leaden case
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a prayer to crossing themselves with their fingers over
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through flannel, and put into it 12 lb of coarse brown sugar,
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amongst its Follows a series of resolutions adopted at a meeting
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As a man, he was distinguished by remarkably tender sensibili-
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tirely passed off. The child was full size, estimated to
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the greatest anxiety was felt about her. But finally the urine increased in
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sudden as in pneumonia. In the evening the temperature may be 104° F.,
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known potential long-term nutritional problems fol-
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its use. This I have noticed in most of my cases and
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ance of the catamenia ; we caj||ibase no diagnosis upon that. An exa-
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with good results. But even if the attack is overcome, the parasites
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future may be grouped with those readily recognized, for when
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Rheumatism : and its Treatment by the Use of the Percnsso-Punctator.
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The stemomastoids, vasti of the thighs, and dorsal flexors of the feet are also
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Yard, Washington, and ordered to the Albatross— December 4.
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They were happy and cheerful. In the short while since the inaugura-
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mentary, of laboratories and science. According to the
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Maconchy, John K., M.B., B.A., F.R.C.S.L, Infirmary House, Down-