results of his study : I. In a small proportion of cases

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epileptics in the United States. A great number of these unfor-

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tion of a minor fee being charged to each patient registering re-

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work back to more complex mammals, including humans.

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cation of cold, the use of astringents, such as alum or adrenalin solution

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" the lancet is our sheet-anchor in puerperal convulsions." They

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(iii.) Pseudo-bulbar paralysis results from bilateral lesions in the ganglia

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Jeffrey Krane, B.S./ M.S. 1984, Yale University. Ph.D. 1992,

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direction of affairs usually only affecting our pockets, must first

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the chest, together with the inhalation of the steam of hot water,

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Randolph, Sharon, St ought on, Walpole, Weymouth, and

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the great resisting power of this hard, dense material.

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with Tusks. — During this inspection, the author has met with

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the excitant of natural muscular motion ; and to what

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of an infectious character. With his usual penetration, he soon

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excellent), a re -arrangement of the section dealing with

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It is well, however, to remember that vigorous brushing ought to be

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until Orfila, the Spaniard, gave the world his exhaustive and

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a hall in immediate proximity to the Royal Public Dispensary in 1784.

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ones give rise to dizziness. Altogether this is one of the most suggestive

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care of the whole bodily organism, for when we neglect

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post-graduate courses. Unlike the similar society in Vienna, the Berlin medical

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median line, from the coronary suture to the lamboid suture and

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tincture of digitalis thrice daily during each course. The courses

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and the indications met as they arise. He has often seen benefit

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There are several conclusions, whether right or not. that I

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developed a cough with bloody sputum, and a rise of temperature. There

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results and treatment ; the use of clysters for the

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hypodermically, but was followed by no amelioration

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tongue opposite the only tooth in her head, a molar with a sharp