day. On examining the wound at this time, I found three small

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*3452 c 1 [Corpus juris civilis]. Opera L. Charondae, etc.. 5 vols.

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formed cells which belong to the ordinary " clasping " type. The main

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total amount of optochin given in twenty- four hours was only 1.2 gm.

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the gap in the wall of the bladder. Fistulae, which are acquired later

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Ophthalmologist to the Frederick Douglass Memorial Hos-

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Kronig found the vaginal secretion of all the pregnant women (about

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shortly recover. We observed nothing unusual in the subsequent

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last few years. Where one type of organism is found to be cul-

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data in support of this opinion, based on general impressions,

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Close reading of my editorial 1 will show that Dr Gellert

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required than of the resin, and that the action is more uncertain.

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acre; making maple syrup, selling muskrat or mink hides, catching fish, killing

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of epithelial cells. 2. The oxyphile cells. They are large with a

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Before leaving the subject of eczema, one other point may be

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favor, aside from the increased quantity of the oil

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Dr. A. S. Brackett (Bristol) : We have symptoms of spinal men-

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is one which has long occupied and puzzled otologists. The chapters

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fever and slieht septic symptoms, and in this case I have

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distribute a few seasoned men among the ranks of the raw recruits.

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not see my way to explain this ; it may be, as Dr. Adams suggested,

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letter addressed to the Chief of the Bureau by the health officer of the

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and crureus muscles are inserted into the upper border of the patella.

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Moiston the tampon with the remedy, draw it back into the capsule by means of the

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apparently of great importance what kind of serum is

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The ordinary summer rainfall does not undergo percola-

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seems remarkable that the wonderful results obtained by Dr.

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none of them have yet any regular school of instruction, I presume they

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consequence of tuberculosis in married persons, one of Avhom may

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cians; and with especially trained visiting nurses, who will carry

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The cerebellum of Cryptobranchus occupies an intermediate

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