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3. Gonococcus Infection of the Kidney with Reports of
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tionsorgane. Mit 47 Abbildungen. Berlin : S. Karger,
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myelocytes, 8.07 per cent. ; large mononuclears, 80 per cent. ;
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a I in 1000 solution ; this he uses for infiltration.
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that the occurrence of several cases of small fibrous
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of apparently good health after the rapid ingestion
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mumps, 7 cases, o deaths ; infantile paralysis, 5 cases, i
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colitis with tenderness over the abdomen. These symptoms
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a case in which prompt action was indicated, and it
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meningitis that had occurred in Panama, we were not pro-
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to play with, which she put in her mouth and swallowed.
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port of another "observation" in the carrying out of
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the patient believes his trouble is due to something
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the umbilicus after spinal anaesthesia. He had done
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patization of upper right lobe and the apex of left. Ema-
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crimination, and Management of Disease. By A. O. J.
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filaria is an important factor in the production of
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