There is not a department of medicine or surgery, in which

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whereas in phalangosis there is simply deviation of the

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4. If subscribers remove to other places without informing the publisher, and

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which is seen in its more pronounced forms in para-

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diphtheria or which do not subsequently become diphtheric, is a rare occur-

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2. HernisB of this kind may be divided into two groups : —

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the posterior displacements, as we have seen, (Lect. VI., p. 135,)

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extending through the entire thickness of the skin were found, each about the size

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or smaller number of red blood corpuscles, but in the later stages numerous

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amount of urine and suffers general disturbance in the

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shock, and much local swelling and inflammation, but are seldom or

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The spermatazoon is both homolc^ous and analogous with the

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are remarkable, and in my observations appear to follow this rule,

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when, at the end of four or five weeks after parturition, notwithstanding fair

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g 1 Health has established a titer of 32 as a mini-

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most distressing symptoms of tropical fever, there are

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The Fluid Extracts of The Wm. S. Merrell Chemical Co. may be properly termed positive Medicinal

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of time for such offenses as drug or alcohol abuse or criminal

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and partly to draw it forward. A sharp-pointed bistoury is then made to trans-

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and has since remained absent. I would ask if it is

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months, and are then only shown by an odematous engorgement

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the curbstone, which produced a compound comminuted fracture of the

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ment of resident physician to the 1'hiladelphia Almshouse and Hospital, for

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Ophthalmic surgery is very decidedly progressive in the

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large and natural. Pulse 130, quick and vacillating, not in

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M little thicker chan a duck's feather ; each extremity

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probably added for the same reason. Opium, for its narcotic effects,

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taneously, but as the result of the rubbing or scratching of the patient.

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beef broth and fed with a spoon. Small quantities of baked

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impairment of voluntary motion which may amount to almost total

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accumulations of similar cells resembling lymph follicles.

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