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The forces of disease, typhoid, cancer, pneumonia and various
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how these lesions jiroduce the symptoms, but it is probalde that vascular
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large doses. That same patient had a little daughter who had
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a recurrence of the attacks or to mitigate their severity.
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This so-called pseudo-hydrophohia appears only in neurotic and hys-
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stimulants, strychnin and physostigmin salicylate (gr. ywo — 0.0006)
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The treatment is rather unsatisfactory. Laundresses should be
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Hematochyluria and Chyluria. — The patient passes a white, opaque,
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in North Germany and Austi'alia. The right lower lobe has been the
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weight varies from ^ to 1 per cent. The urea and gross solids are
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nephrosis. Hence they are usually secondary. Other primary condi-
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upon the caliber but little. There may be a diff"use dilatation of the
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tumor, etc 7 which have hitherto been almost entirely neglected from the
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placed by one of absorbent cotton, which should also be covered with oiled
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Some improvement may be brought about Condition becomes steadily worse until
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detection of the crossed striations. Needles of fatty acids and
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In pleuritis. peritonitis, pericarditis, erysijielas, and in all snjijuirative
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occurring in phosphorus-, chloroform-, or arsenic-poisoning and in certain
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Lately, however, three smaller Sanatoria have been added to
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of the affection : those of the first stage, however, are identical with the
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Hopkins Hospital. The patient daily for a certain length of time, in-
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passes oif and may not return for months. In some instances the pain
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form of bulbar palsy limite-d to the ocular nuclei under the name of
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may or may not utter a piercing sound (epileptic cry), falling at the same
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denness of the attack, without appreciable cause, occurring in a child,
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An abnormally long renal artery may also predispose to the develop-
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ing to erroneous inferences. Dysphagia is present, though it pre-
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day ; with stout persons, only enough to act as a sweetening agent. Lactose
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a reasonably surety the question of operation may arise. Since it has
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(3) Heredity. Neuralgia is very prone to occur in a family in
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Symptoms. — Pruritus ani (itching of the anus), sometimes burning
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from irritative lesions, and the latter may precede an attack of epilepsy
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and infectious diseases, when the blood also exhibits more or less change,
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are so imbued with the fact that optic neuritis is a symptom of brain-
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signalizes a danger of perforation. At first the pain may be referred
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Anemia occurs earlier and is more dis- Anemia slowly progressive and less
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