grammes of nitrogen and about 320 of carbon daily. In other words, he

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ceedingly scanty, little having appeared on the sub-

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cation of cold, the use of astringents, such as alum or adrenalin solution

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more remarkable as, according to the reports of French surgeons,

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well to the roots of the hair with a soft brush or the ends

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from the comparision of so small a number of observa-

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two cells first grow together at the point of contact ; and then

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of blood ; (4) vibration with laceration of brain substance.

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fession here is no exception to this general rule. The Retrospect now

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The author desired to draw attention to the abuse of nnx vomica and its

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dysentery in Switzerland, may have existed in this country for some

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nomics Reports . . . has considered the annual reports of

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the government and private sectors in providing and paying

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I. Ophthalmology. — D. Argyll Robertson, M.D., LL.D.

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to admission, the infant became suddenly ill with a fever

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reaches in a quarter of an hour the green little plain

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5. South End Dispensary Report. — Number of clinics, 92; surgical, 10;

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whatever, that the peritonaeum is any less vulnerable to vio-

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cosis of dogs. Examples of such drug action might be multiplied,

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mental over- work alone. In five cases of neurasthenia, of which

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in the University of Leipzig. Being the Fourth Book, with some additions,