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defects in raw or pasteurized milk, e.g., their growth may cause undesirable flavors
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fiber begins, or, when the special nerve tissue is permanently destroyed, there
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istic odor of bitter almonds. In severe cases death may occur in a few min-
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German, or Natural Philosophy, at the option of the candidate. For
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corresponding center were itself destroyed. This explains why circumscribed
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4. The physical fitness of candidates will be determined previous to
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patients the beginning of the disease falls in the period between the thirtieth
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Cystitis may likewise develop, and may be associated with fermentation of
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sly and obstinate in carrying out any pet desire. Again, they can be very
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Treatment. — The aim of treatment should be to support the strength by
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Body, acted iqK>n by any Porees in one Plane; Centre of Gravity;
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that the secretion of sugar depends in large part upon the amount of potential
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quainted only with certain factors which are favorable to the development of
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inate the poison, which becomes generally diffused, and sets up changes in
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throughout the whole attack. The patient not infrequently notices that the
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but evident loss of fibers in the region of the column of Goll — that is, in the
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normal, and, finally, death is ushered in by paralysis of all the vital func-
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optic nerves, just as in tabes. We may also note that the toes, especially the