tific measures. This institution is founded on the v.-ell-
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gation, particularly as no injurious effects have resulted from
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The Rev. Charles Tucker went to bed the 28d of September, .
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practitioner, who was in attendance, supposed her to be laboring
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to the use of opium in acute inflammations. It was formerly used with
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below that of the State institution; a fact which forcibly illus-
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repletion of the ventricular cavities induces augmented power of muscular
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His respect and affection for these eminent physicians naturally
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purpose ; and the treatment for this end, known in France as Durande's
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I •: = ! = : = : = ! : fi III!!' »i f • •= ! s =
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tion was found among the bowels. There were a few small
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(See «• Therapeutic Uses of Oxygen and Nitrogen Monoxide," which can be obtained upon
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to do mischief. On the anterior side, the vacuity above the
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length corresponding with the depth of the woun^. (Specimens of
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rience, with the heat of cfontrorersy, has not been able to scatter.
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lactate of strontium in rheumatism and Bright's disease,
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brane are, so far as I have been able to observe, much less
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perforated by a small ulcer, forming a communication between
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convalescence appeared to begin as soon as he recovered from his
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Fahr. Chilly sensations and rigors are common, continuing for a few
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tific measures. This institution is founded on the well-
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no suffusion of the eyes, cough, nor any increased heat or dryness
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sessed by the population which remained,, enabling the latter to
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size of the pnecordia. The extent of dulness at different periods of the
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sion, at a future meeting of the College, to report the further pro>
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suppurative pleuritis, or empyema. As in cases of pleuritis and other
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rience, as well as his facility of expressing himself in clear and
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crease and extend over the whole of the lower extremities, rendering them
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advanced to the stage of collapse, the prognosis is always exceedingly
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the patient have been used with success, and the subcutaneous injection
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ranted in considering it as more than a pathological element of a cachexia,