The trial of all lymph, to test its activity prior to issue, would be the
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about the size of a pea should be rubbed into the skin over the goitre each
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but often fails to make any impression, and strychnine, which is on the
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examined the skin in Dr. Ord's first recorded case. In other cases, how-
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further, has demonstrated that by injecting toxic substances, germs, and
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(6) In the second case the shaking is administered upon and not to the part ;
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mushroom (^Agaricus campestris) and the champignon (Agaricus oreades).
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belonged to the immortal Cassini. This was in 1675; the journals of
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inhabiting various parts of the world. According to some of these views
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lar purpose at Mobile, is inadequate to the object. Accordingly, Mobile
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The Hospital : — " We have never found t-he argument more successfully presented than in
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the belief in a comparative immunity from enteric fever enjoyed by natives
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can take the drug in considerable quantities for long periods of time, whilst
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bouse alone, a distance of a mile and a half, in bis carriage, and drove a
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the nostrils, or just inside the nasal fossae either on the anterior part of the
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abdominal aorta, and even in the retinal arteries as well.
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except that of touch, and it would seem that it must be but a blank ;
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across the floor, or some well-known figure may be actually seen. A noise
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Instruction will be given by clinical and other lectures, and by examinations at least twice a week.
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for example, Wilms records the case of a patient .who within thirty
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lymphs, unless stored at very low temperatures, tends to decrease in
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causing the sore throat which is well known as a sign of secondary syphilis.
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of appetite. Then follow irritation of the eyelids with suffusion of the
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reproduce the factors met with in natural infection. It is recognised that
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The Antiseptic Treatment is based on the endeavour to lessen the
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properly entitled to, not only on the ground of humanity, but also because
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a general agreement that cases with severe diarrhoea are less favourable
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expressing the ideas of foreigners, in pure English ; and all his transla-
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it be persevered in, epistaxis, hemoptysis, and menorrhagia, and, if
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method of treatment in cases where no progress is being made under other
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air caused by the extended fingers produce some effect upon the facial
earlier months. The affection may reappear during successive pregnancies.
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Theory and Practice of Medicine, by ----- - Hsicar H. Childi, M.D.
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published in 1793, that butchers are exempt from consumption. It is
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with arterial blood ; but in this state of the systein arterial blood does
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vegetable fibrous matter. Having ascertained that for brewing, the only