rate his former statements in reference to the no9i-penetration
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Vienna, draws attention here to the importance of attacking^
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and are, consequently, designed for both food and medicines for the sick."
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looked upon as an adjuvant rather than as a substitute. For
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minute. The apex-beat was sharp and strong, giving an im-
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In conclusion I would say that judging irom my own experi-
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pathetic irritation^ which was immediately relieved by the
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2 or 3 children and compelled to take care of them and to do
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would seem, however, that no deaths from the disease took place on
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Art. X. — Giomale Italiano delleMalattie Veneree e delle Malat-
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The patient has 4 sisters and 1 brother. They are all married,
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ill have drank down as much of this earthy substance as would make a
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the most frequent cause of death in these patients.
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oxygen and four-fifths nitrogen. Nitrogen, of itself, seems to pog
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catheterization demonstrating the existence of pus and an ob-
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swelled. He had had several attacks of rheumatic fever since he
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the right kind, and worn at such times or seasons, in such manner, and in such
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spiral band, wound in a close spire upon itself, and hence
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XXIII. Note on the Termination of the Second Case of
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we are not prepared to state. At the present moment too little
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Assistant-Surgeon to the Royal London Ophthalmic Hos-
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the customs connected with menstruation, when Hindoo women
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Dr. Fraseb. — The patient was a girl^ aged 20^ and the carcino-
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tion of the Government to the necessity for the establishment
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operations, and of its relations to the emotions, but must hurry
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pattern with well-preserved interspaces : the third, also, of drops or
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the fenestrated end of a catheter attached to the bottle.
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ponderating organism in the blood, among any of the lower cksses
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^e see that this version occurs more frequently in multipara,
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