common in Arkansas. We should judge that they were painfully so
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carbolic compresses. I cannot speak personally of this method, as my
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With the progress of chemistry and physiology, and by more exact
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is not of such a degree as at once to destroy its structure and vitality."
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days, probably not exceeding ten. Three to six days appear, inferen-
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not only constitutionally most depressing, but intensely irritating to the
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proportion of deaths was officially stated as 55-7 per cent; and at Hillah
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ment when the tissues become infiltrated with serous, gelatinous, bloody,
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Patellar reflex is abolished as a rule, but is sometimes retained even when
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and their alleged claims as means of radical cure in hernia, viz. : Their
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duce appearances which closely resemble diphtheria. Cantharides, lunar
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moniae are allowed to slip down the side of the tube. At the junction of
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separated in the case of tetanus, though not innocuous, do not possess
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isms can thrive more or less well for a considerable time outside the ani-
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source was septic endometritis, whilst in others again (27), the primary
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of pharmacological knowledge to the cure of disease we still use hypothe-
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less some uncommon sanative exertions are immediately enforced to
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For these reasons I advised the amputation of a large part of the penis,
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grene is very liable to occur in old people with atheromatous or calcified
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affecting larger numbers, and in a severer form, it is called epidemic.
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vanish quickly if the fact could once be grasped that electrical treat-
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what may be called functional maladies such as these, for there have
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small-pox and syphilis, which may be due either to a simple transmission
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We must therefore immediately take precautions for the complete sepa-
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causes general symptoms ; while in other cases, as in certain forms of
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A. de I'l. P. ix. 189"), May. -51. Metschnikoff. B. M. J. 31st Jan. 1891, and
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and statistical papers on which our judgment has been formed. They
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necessary to guard (he infant against the ill efTects of deniilion. The
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currents must suffice. Although the constant current has the reputation
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is a result both of the character and direction of the training received,