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Sir William, it has been well said, " has left the mark

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other part of the body that required to be kept in one posi-

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In Egypt there are many cases of elephantiasis, cystocele of

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may improve after embolization. In three of these large series

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of the benefit derived in ovarian prolapse, where the

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tion on the skin was seen at any time and no signs in

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these seizures are now and then due to distant irritation reflected

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regard to tonics, etc., the remarks were imdoubtedly

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ophthalmoscope, which serves to reflect the light of an Argand burner,

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has been entirely detached from its centre, will return after it has been

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unquestionably one of our most actively medicinal plants, as its sensible proper-

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expenses for the London Colleges' diploma are — Mason College,

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1 Progress in Provision for tbe Insane. Dr. W. W. Godding.

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serves also to cool down the innate heat of the heart. From the

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creased degree of fever, total loss of appetite, and con-

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piece. The limbs and body were successively removed. No trace of cord or placenta was

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which enters an apartment. This is because water is a disinfectant,

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the former Society arose principally upon the question of bleed-

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pression ; but in acute delirium also these may be present to some extent.

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of our readers that Prof. Bennett Dowler, of New Orleans, has for

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tient on a rigid proteid diet for a short time, then

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ment of the kidney and thickening of the ureter, and

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ing statistics of gunshot injuries in the field. I have elsewhere

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views of men and things ; they are the easiest people in the world to get

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than the normal, especially in directions along which the artistic tempera-

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in the so-called chronic abscesses, especially where the pus cen-

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