were removed from her heart whenever the blood flowed, and then her voice
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Dr. Hastings Tweedy said that he would like to suggest
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is a fresh-water animal. Beyond this nothing is known of the life-history
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which is so prevalent among us. There is scarcely a town or
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work is another parade and about half-an-hour's squad and company drill. The
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teries, in whatever direction. I was unable to discover that the sensibility of
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570; Nitrogenous Equilibrium, 571; Protein Sparers, 571.
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direction of Dr. SeweU, of Washington City. Entering
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it is usually necessary to turn the patient or lift the limb in order to make
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body and the extremities, especially the lower extremities, varying
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potent remedy is the removal of the pressure. Amaurosis is oc-
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also in children, both fatal. Dr. Gee refers to De Haen
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Carli and Fantino (Semaine med., Paris, July 1897) concluded, from
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not the slightest trace of burning on any point, though the shell
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left to their opinion, and nothing to their individual caprice ;
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(m) Race. The negro race appears to be more susceptible to pneumonia
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skin firmly once or twice a day. All itching is soon
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drug business. He is told in glowing terms how such a business
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atus, charts, etc., used by teachers of pathology and physiology in
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responding glands on the right side begin to swell, and they run through a
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should be administered in one dose and as early in the course of
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part. The sinus venosus of this auricle was about the size of a small bean. The
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iB4 nearly as large as an egg, in which is a meat con-
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be large enough to admit the finger, or so extensive that the child is
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not exist. Aortic regurgitation murmurs are diastolic
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relation to the varying seasons ; (6) the differentia-
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gical Review, for July, Prof. T. G. Richardson has an article on the
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.R. Whitman> M.D» Pott's disease in which paralysis
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opened up and then withdrawn, often succeeds in removing an im-
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