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Should there be no history of syphilis, it is in many cases still advisable
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and is, perhaps, the one most used by the librarian,
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spoonful; charcoal, tablespoon ful; for older colts increase
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than to their non-occurrence. Though haemorrhage may at
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variation in the blood pressure. The frequent raising of the
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the verbs 'I want' and 'I command'; they seemed to her useless and
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" Within the abdominal cavity they may be found to measure
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in the condition of things to the extreme Trendelenburg position caused by
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The doctor came, looked at him sternly for a second, and then said,
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the detection of species of bacteria of recognised pathogenetic
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and the indications met as they arise. He has often seen benefit
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body was distorted, the nucleus excentric, and the glomerulus
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defects in the limbs on both or only on one side. It thus happens that in cases of
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Indurations of the breast in consequence of pre-existing
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the frequency of the crime, and to the necessity of means
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The next day the gold was again examined, and lo ! its
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The rate for scarlet fever was temporarily raised in November (9 to
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joint, and it is only after patient and frequently pain-
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the will to prevent it. The impulse may be circumvented by various
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the opening in the bone, possibly from the neighbourhood of the fissure.
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lacquers, polishes, sealing-wax, &c. AVhen wanted very
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again return into the blood by the veins : but if that
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ventable disease. Undoubtedly ft can be communicated, and just as
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The altered distribution of blood resulting under these cir-
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212. Eecord from myograph connected with the extensor muscle of the knee . 815
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margin of the cornea. . . . Without altering the direction, the knife passes
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very rationally and feelingly. She also sang, very sweetly, a touching
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will show when the administration of a Mercurial has gone
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with sepsis, usually before culture results can be ob-
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vomiting in pregnancy. A retroverted pregnant uterus was not of common
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bers of a class of the Social Service Department of the University
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9. Elin RJ. Robinson RA, Levine AS, Wolff SM: Lack of clinical usefulness
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increase of temperature arise through injury or disease. The
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