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1894. Dr. Samuel Willard, on the Stafford Mineral Waters.

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and in Dr. Leudet's case, some abdominal glands were as large as

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the Ontario Government has established venereal clinics. Locally

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by auscultation or percussion, the rays revealed signs

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disease than the testimony of the patient, there is good

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The stress and strain of world conflict have left their permanent mark en

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phere of scarlet fever are followed at once by the rash and sequelae

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have succeeded in isolating, from ergotoxin, a substance called his-

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As marasmus carries off a larger portion of male infants

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healing in its centre, — the well-known "horse-shoe" or serpiginous ulcer.

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by the prob:tbility that the body had t4^m|KjrariIy ab-

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necessary to test beforehand their permeability and intactness by means of solu-

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able. The subject has been very exhaustively treated

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but on the other hand, a change dependent on things super-

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was fascinated by the thoroughness of the author and

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direct rays of sunlight. They will contain 628 tene-

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better than raw, do not worry much over trichinae in pork.