ing. The face is red, especially the cheeks; the white of the eye has a greasy
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and as specialisms become luminous in medicine and surgery,
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place we have — nothing like it. Any patient you send will be
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in slowly. Pigs will take oil, salts and other medicines
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moving about. These I removed every three days, replacing with
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no hesitation in affirming-, that it will constitute, by far, the ablest treatise cm
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exposed surface will prove of a reddish gray, a whitish gray,
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small portion of the mesentery of the small intestine was put
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ing for over seas service, is very limited. But, of course, there must be short periods
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read a paper at the meeting of the Royal Medical and Chirurgi-
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time feed soft light food and the condition powders occa-
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in all respects identical with those for which she had been'previously
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twenty years he had not been able to find anything agreeing entirely with the
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a month. In addition to this, the Mechanical course calls
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and to form a partition between the air cells and the blood cells which
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progressing every hour. If that decay is not arrested,
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to Dr. J. Lane-Clayton's Report to the Local Government
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test, while satisfactory in the case of the right ureter,
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property of moid heat is made the ground for materially
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fulic effects. It is said that Scrofula and Consumption are
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as well as the results of the analysis of a series of cases. A mea-
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leading. In comparing the statistics of to-day with those
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of them know how to excel in this as they do in most
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3d. The so presenting the facilities of this hospital to those
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papillary inflammation of the sphincter, pyelitis, papilloma of the
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battling for the perpetuity of our glorious Union, send one abdominal bandage, to
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Before proceeding with the details of cases forming the basis of
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kidney tissue, or whether the impaired action of the kidneys and
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large lead pencil, seventy-four centimetres or about
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(ilycosuria sometimes appears after ether narcosis, and
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nervous irritation abounding, with a small, quick, undeveloped pulse,
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divided into hemolytic and nonhemolytic forms. From our own
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nuclear cells. When such a leukocytosis is absent, it may mean a
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I instructed the nurse to dilute one of the viols with lOcc
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