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the hypodermic use of strychnia, if need be; inhala-

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to prescribe it in sciatica of the kind named ; and al-

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nitrate of silver, sulphate of copper, the mineral acids

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do not affect the recording membrane at all. When the amplitude of

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one hand, and all those who died, on the other, we obtain the following

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catarrhal affections and blennorrhagia. — Bidlet, Gen. de Tehrap.

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neum, I punctured it, and, by means of a probe-pointed bistoury,

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confined his activities to dabbling in theology and a

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could not be done ; and therefore they say amiss that ele-

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36 were unvaccinated, and 12 (or 33'3 per cent) died.

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nepin County Medical Society took an affirmative vote

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resulted not only having been the means of relieving the sufferer

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lesion cleared with subsidence of the sinusitis. The

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radiation shall be cast in a direction away from the operator.

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Submit two manuscripts that must be typewritten and

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To walk with a shuffling gait and heavy, short, and inelastic

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over two hundred observations, which tended to show the existence

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greatly exaggerated. The veterinary profession in the

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fully equipped and provided with ample means, should

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substances are due solely to the reflex action on the vasomotor centers.

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We have experience only with the treatment by incision, and

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applied below Poupart's ligament, can feel similar tumors in the iliac

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been made sUghtly alkaline before use, never lasts more

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effect is due essentially to this change, which is associated with marked

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tongue clean and dry ; considerable thirst; bowels slow;

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a deficiency of information as to the antecedents of this patient's

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forgotten that ^cleanliness is of vital importance ; and

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This programme insures the co-operation of federal and state

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The U. S. Springfield, caliber 0.300, weight 150 grains, velocity 2600 and range 2850 yards.

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The author then goes on to speak of alterations undergone by the epithelium enclosed

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bitten by some of the insects, and on the following morning several more