should thus unwittingly have aided in the slightest degree in the

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may both be met with in hy.steria ; and it has been said that nystagmus-

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a dose of oil or laxative food : treacle in bran mash is a good

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saw only the ducts of the glands in question. Almost contemporary with the

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iii-chief of the Woman's Hospital for several years, has

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and therefore the treatment might not have been as suc-

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for a moderately long period. For the first inoculation, o- 1 gramme of

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considers that for the production of either plague vaccine or plague

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suspension from the head over a curved surface or air

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Dunham, Dr. F. W Stevens, Dr. J. W. Johnson, Dr. F. H.

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of zinc, caustic potassa, or nitrate of silver, or, if more convenient, by

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covered part of the body, and often also on the genital organs, which may-

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called and it required all his strength to keep his friend

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-application of evaporating lotions, or ice, to the forehead or shaven scalp ;

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tUe or end of the third yeav of life the disease i)rocess may be very

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from our observatioot, to be reasonably good. The serving of food to the

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the attending medical man did not believe in opera-

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first symptom of the disease, and after its occurrence there is an imme-

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and 1890 were respectively 36.0 and 30.7 ; England and Wales,

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supplement to the usual treatment of the middle-ear. — D. G.)

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Gtlily. In persons convalescent from fever or acute diseases, I find it

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lous position of the vessels. Elevation of the lower tone

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-uch investigations tre, in fact so great and numerous, that those who

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ment of the nervous and vascular systems, and sometimes gives

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Also throw into the back part of the mouth, with a syringe,

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bladder is a part of the cloaca, its trigone a part of the Wolffian

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shock. These contractures are not associated, as a rule, with fibrillary

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which is of normal shape and size, but which is functionally

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rooms the capacity of the hotels would be cut in half, and many

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amount of respect for the value of chromic acid, he considered

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