organisms from the intestinal canal. If the sac cannot be extirpated, the

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** that when an infant had hair like other children, but when 4 or 5

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1. An external object with its selective absorptive capacity for colour.

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tion of the dose. No action on the kidneys is evidenced by any unusual secre-

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the second of continuous good health, the operation

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Plummer and Jewell. Medicine droppers, thermometers, needles,

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frequent light convulsions, and there was no way to account for this

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when he first consulted the claimant, was aftected with a

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K. Mieczkowski also entered our class deciding in favor of Osteopathy when

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and Titular Councillor of the University. Uuder the elder and

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Medical Director of Public Assisiance, has j small quantity of blood contained in the right

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" In some exceptional cases the amount of phosphoric acid discharged during the height of

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preparing a Milk Food which will keep sweet and fresh in all climates. Put

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feathers keep the legs continually damp, where the fowls

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things ; having been allowed to do so, no doubt, that, by the con-

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ovinces the feeding has been confined chiefly to children

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lent use made by that Society of the scientific material

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gery who needs another year or two of association with

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not peculiar to typhoid fever. The importance attached to them as a supposed

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co-ordinated and act under one rather than under several ministers.

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mendation placed higher. Not even such factors as distance

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clusion that the food supplied to the men had much to do in rendering

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the verbs 'I want' and 'I command'; they seemed to her useless and

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emptying directly into the brook as it passes through

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invitation of your president and secretary. Dr. Keen

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Bd. xvi. II. Theil. — {b) Diagnostik und Therapie der Magenkrankheiten by Boas, Drittc

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Among the results of gunshot injuries of the head I

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nevertheless as we will see it is possible to divide the development of

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Vol. CXLI, No. l.J liOSTON MIWK'AL AXD SlJUdK'M. .InlltSM..

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to have by her, in case of the pain becoming severe— -one to be taken

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leucocytes in the blood does not cnse a proportionate variation in the

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Psychiatric, Bd. xxviii. 1896, p. 256. — 42. Page. Lancet, 1880, vol. i. p. 445. — 43.

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Burrell, H. E. Fracture of the spine : its immediate treatment by

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sand and gravel find their way into the trap, and provision

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ily soluble in water, but very unstable. It is easily decomposed by acids,

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their constitution since that date are mentioned farther on.

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reference not alone to these, but to nearly all cases of the disease. In

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dred had the fever. A considerable number of negroes were

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" Has yielded most favorable results."— J. C. GUERNSEY, M. D., Philadelphia.

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lution and drainage by strips of gauze. If the intes-

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