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ting,' or by any form of internal cutting. I believe a wound is produced just

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^ The spelling of the names is in accordance with that of Sir W. W. Hunter's Gazetteer

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malpractice insurance to the members of the Medical Society

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in primary care is the Area Health Education Center (AHEC) program.

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bers of a class of the Social Service Department of the University

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that in the majority of patients improvement begins about the end of the

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so that that classed 2d, with its special exemption, should be put on

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cyst formations, whether unilocular, multilocular, or histoid of various kinds.

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These cases include the death of one infant under one year of

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which is preferable, the blanket may be laid upon a table and the mixture

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and merit to Swift's The Tale of a Tub, which was pub-

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If sterility of the mare or cow be due to sealing of the mouth

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genology, Jefferson Medical College. 1923 Spruce St.

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Mrs. Olive F. Symcs reports a rainfall of 1.30 inches on 16 days

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would call for more vigilance on the part of battalion surgeons, the sort

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tals, or while the wounded are in course of removal from the one

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gin and almost to the midline on the left. After the

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indicated. I was impressed by a statement made by him

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neys. Its. duct (Wirsung's) joins that of the liver in

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gar, — and the fact, as to the vigor of sapped and unsapped maples of one

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spermatic cord, quite free. An incision about an inch long was then

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materially in her health from this irregularity. Two months since,

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all germs by a filter of sterilized cotton-wool, until inocula-

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characteristic changeableness or variableness of the symptoms lead us to

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accord afterwards betaken herself to the drug, with the result

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liver," for cirrhosis, " utrim fibride," for uterine fi-

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duals, we should unceasingly emphasize the importance of

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foration developed, she had nearly every day complained