the muscles ; local pain, tenderness, and swelling, with rigidity of the affected
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cases of severe opium poisoning the treatment is different ; in such cases
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I have operated in several other cases, where epileptic results followed
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Chronic cocaine poisoning is an analogue to chronic morphinism. It is
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must now consider the origin of the material examined, and the history of
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pain at the upper part of tbe thyroid cartilage, difficulty in deglutition,
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an open state of the anterior thoracic wall alone with protrusion of the heart.
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teratogenic ; and, finally, it was accepted that the mixture of the seed of
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which bad the effect of thoroughly evacuating the bowels, and exciting
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with aquo-capsulitis, or inflammation of the lining membrane of the
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minute b stated in only two or three cases. That almost all authois
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inasmuch as appearances in this age are indicative of the man, without
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appliedi which removed it altogether. Another small superficial eschar
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tem of sanitary police in regard to them, with reference to the wellbeing
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ing morning, administered to the ladies the second-hand mercury thus
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To the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal,
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the subcutaneous injection of paraffin, whilst holes in the palate may be
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Climatology. J. and A. Churchill, London, 1897. — Health Abroad: A Medical Handbook of
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in that direction. Upon pressure it bad a firm, elastic feel, but was dcA
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Coles, the herbalist, in 1657, and Dr. Brookes, in our Dispensatory,
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the limbs. The two chief factors concerned in bringing about this change are the
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foreign quackery by which our country is disgraced and overrun. Being
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numbers of the precedint month, stitched in a cover. J. V. C. S M ITH, MJ) . Editor.— Prka 93,00 a
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were often omitted. Especially it is probable that they were not
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as well, he concludes that a marked distinction cannot be drawn between
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Definition. — The term syringomyelia is applied to a chronic progressive
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the means just riieniioned. When languid we must apply' some stimu-
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The temperature of the body is the degree of bodily heat registered by
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221 or 67 per cent were of respiratory origin, and 93 or 28"1 per cent were
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unfortunate sufferer with irons, or brass encasements ; and some modera
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confidence still reposed in unscientific pretenders. The truly learned
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with the mouth by an orifice between the aforementioned pillars and
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that the fatty acids of the oil actually dissolved the waxy envelope
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the differential diagnosis is thus made between syphilitic and tuberculous
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at least 15 or 20 per cent between the ages of twenty and forty, and nearly
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thies towards the little subject of nature's sport, and those formed accord-
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the bicuspids retracted by means of a spring plate, etc. The extraction of
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nurses (Trousseau); tetany (L. Corvisart); intermittent rheumatic con-
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diplopia, pains in the limbs, coma, and in some instances paralysis, afford