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escaped, finally forcing its way into the peritoneal cavity.

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constitutional resistance came into play and the patient

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i^n the patient but once professionally during the past

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At three months the meatus is obliterated by a solid

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The face had an anxious expression ; the tongue was coated In the

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sometimes there is no pain ; whilst, in other cases, the pain is great, and, at

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duties, continuing more or less throughout the entire year, but

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of the body when the malarial parasites ar6 in active develop-

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workshops, ships, railway carriages, etc. Division IV. Con-

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losis is not — ^but the beginning has been made in regard to the

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The abf>ve is a very brief and imperfect outline of the case, but I trust

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Placi the patient on a couch or bed protected by a rubiier sheet

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was accepted, and Dr. Ford, the late Professor of the Institutes of Medicine

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dently referable to the contained viscera. The face was pale, and the coun-

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of the media. The permanent substitution of fibrous tissue

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it to recognize the irregular and complicated form of the

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watched. These regular visits of daily inspection were main-

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extent that was formerly supposed. They are said to

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He has had no return of the spitting of blood for three weeks. His strength

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cold chills ; tongue coated, dry in the middle; papillse distinctly separated,

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actually needed. They are enquiring which makes are desired,

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this purpose may be somewhat inconvenient in the country ; but it would

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8th rib from sinus toward spine about 2 Inches; resection of rib:

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delivery of the placenta. The patient was of a full and corpulent habit,

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— at hand. And allow me to support this assertion by referring to what is

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portion of small intestines pale, lower down tinged with bile. Mucous

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of the rectum usually remains intact. I have already, in another work,

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In this connection, through the courtesy of Dr. Geo.

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cylinders with the sign and axis of one of the cylinders.

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work, comprised in four hundred and ninety-one pages; the second and last

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largely unrecognized, and no such strenuous attempt

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fied, fulfils, as nearly as possible, and much better than any other, all the

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mon practice in that institution. The bill provides that here-

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line, at which the process of separation had hardly begun. The appetite

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less distinctly on expiration, a little above the right mamma. It varies

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carotid artery, and also over the thyroid cartilage.