Second English Edition. Philadelphia : Blanchard n: Lea. 1856.
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encumbered with fat as if they had been cleaned out
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could bear testimony to Dr. Atthill's great power and the care
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to violate her moral sense, or leading a wife, daughter, or sister belonging to
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the relation of this convolution to the sense of hearing ; but the facts of
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at Guys Hospital in London, Hale White 1 found that 12. 6 per cent, followed
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and vocal resonance greatly diminished ; tubular breathing at
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to 140 in 10 litres of air, when they gradually re-
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FOLTS, Daniel V., 37 Maverick Sq., East Boston — 184G — till 9;
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perinuclear protoplasm. Around them is a considerable hyaline
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Through the kindness of Director RollofF, I have been able to
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If we turn briefly to the insane, we find the * 'sense of in-
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The joint was freely bent and then straightened under ether. The
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dangerous to the patient, from the liability to general peritonitis or per-
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'efused its functions ; from this period she never tried to eat or
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Does the drug lose its effect? Several cases show that a second dose on
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heart itself beats more vigorously; a larger quantity
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even larger sise connecting the tumour with the colon, were
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ments showed that the carbonic oxide is the poisonous
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"The radical cure of varicocele is performed by Chassaignac as fol-
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mother, because the extreme nervousness of the child is
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so that we are compelled to forget much of what was taught
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movements and a transient systolic murmur clenched the diagnosis of a
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Psychiatric, Bd. xxviii. 1896, p. 256. — 42. Page. Lancet, 1880, vol. i. p. 445. — 43.
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their former healthy aspect. The convalescence is more fre-
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ing, he was an admirable representative of the high-
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Affecting the Spread and Incidence of Protozoal Infections of British Troops
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For two years and a half — viz. up to 1896 — the Central
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changed, nursed at the breast, and handled without distress to
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Stramonium is particularly serviceable in asthma and con-
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were received into the Institution. These I began to instruct on
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at which tnno sight was almost gone, and was totally lost
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through the arteries. It was the cause of the heart beat and the pulse,
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undoubtedly approved of the publication of the bulletin under consideration.
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probably in connexion with the treatment of the injury which,
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A Journal of Medirinf, Surgrry awl Allird Srirnrft, puhli$h*d at
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orifice, there were pores extremely confpicuous, full
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Finally, I adduce the favorable results reached. In spite of
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Snyderman, Stewart, Stiefel, Strauss, D. Taylor, Temple, H. K. Thompson, J.
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exists, first ascertain tlie cause as nearly as possible, and
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the foo<l in masticution, swallowed into tlte stomncli, and afterward
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vision of the opposite eye, and is inclined to think that this is not
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