led ; and, instead of considering this curdling an indication of disease, it

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pulsory from the age of seven to that of sixteen, and the duty of seeing

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fever. A New Orleans correspondent says that a strange

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check this at once as soon as it shows itself. This may be done by applying the

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stopped, at the patient's request, every half hour. This system was

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fluid. There was a little thin, partly organised lymph on the cerebellar

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treatment whatsoever. It is difficult, therefore, to regard

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organisms and animalcules (see L. J. Henderson). 11

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latter, or Epsom salts, will at once remove an irritant, cool

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President appointed Dr. W. G. Russell to audit the accounts and report

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Second Session. Held at Washington, D. C, June 2 and 3,

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Dr. Liell goes on to record two cases, one of pelvic abscess and

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in unmarried women, and they ought to be widely read by the

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toms, the union of which would point, clearly it would

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les veines cavea et sus-hepatiques. These. 62 pp., 1 1. 8°. Paris. [\V m .]

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In addition we find the railroad station, a freight house,

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does not interfere with the occupation, and is most

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inoculation, and the preventive injection of antitetanus serum ; and to

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increased in size ; and equally mortifying is it to see some animals

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appearance, and in some cases it escapes rhythmically in jets which

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58 of the 68 diverticula were femoral, and the remainder were

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Value of all buildings, $100,000; of other equipment, $40,000.

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ing or tubbing; this causes too much softening of the skin, then when