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Porf. PiKKER, of New York, says: "I have tried almost every other manufacturer's Oil, and

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Neuralgia, or neural hypersesthesia, is the generic name for a

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work now before us for examination differs in one respect from

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the pars nervosa and around the neck of the gland at the infundibulum.

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toxic effect on the nerve centres, a diffuse interstitial and

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irritable, despondent, and the face has a look of anxiety.

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to adopt. It seemed like ;t Formidable operation, but.

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of an alkali contained in the Pancreatic fluid. When there is

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muscles which he treats, this plan, which takes advantage of position to facili-

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wort, produced by boiling them in soft water for six

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constriction, many circumstances favoring in these cases the convection of

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particular place of abode. What was the profession or occupation of the head of