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Eshner says that the disorder has a pathology of its can own, as he believes the results of future investigations will demon strate; but as yet we need more knowledge, especially in the domain of physiological and pathological chemistry, before we may hope for a solution of this aspect of the problem. After usa three or four such irrigations the discharge either ceases or becomes aseptic, and the case gives no further trouble.

The author gives an account of a series of experiments performed, to ascertain the effect of distention of the bladder and with rectum, upon the position of the peritoneal reflection. Plenty of liquids should be taken, you especially the alkaline mineral waters. The amount of constitutional disturbance is greater, and the discharges are peculiarly amoxil offensive. The larger number of spores contrasted with the smaller number resulting from segmentation of the quartan parasite constitutes an important factor in the differentiation of the two varieties of parasites (tooth).

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