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coefficient are not due to an excessive lowering of the blood urea.

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thickening, of the normal glia tissue, which is known to be more abun-

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In 1820 Eitgen proposed the same operation, and styled it

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appeared in 1605. In this essay he not only summarizes

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tion of toxins. It should be liberal and nutritive and at

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using a silk suture, which closed completely the thick

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by less marked and less permanent disorder than is a true apoplectic

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considerable distance, and which, though difficult to be described,

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special involvement of the fibres passing through the plexus

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damaged extremity is encased in a plaster cast, the

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men was outlined. Obviously much profit was derived from the criticisms of

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eration ago the deceased enjoyed quite a lucrative practice, but

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in corroboration of Dr. Vickery's statements showing

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Culver^^ gave as high as 2 c.c. of a 4 per cent, solution, it will be seen

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wherever practicable, thereby working in accordance with the

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Puncture of the Cisterns Magna" (Ci • rn Puncture),

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ing their normal secretory function, but in striving to excrete

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their capacity to hold water in response to the subtlest chemical and

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same time not of tuberculous nature, but are caused by

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brachial aneurism. He bandaged the limb to a point just above the aneurism,

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medicine was produced ; he was more tranquil, often

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Investigating a very fatal epizooty among fowls, one in which

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without rest, or at such a fast pace as to kill them. Ex-

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260 Stebbing: Atrophic Sclerodeiinia and Sclerodactylia

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ly projecting rocks. The fort, which is about 300 yards from the Mis-

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M-mode echocardiogram had reductions in left ventricular

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made for the Murphy button in the sigmoid flexure, and then fastening that

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tions of the brain following injury to the head, and characterised by many

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of fatigue and that I felt stimulated for the rest of the day. Of

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circumstances the stimulant is in fact not only a whip to the