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tions, as ovariotomy, herniotomy and reduction of hernia.
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I the death of a dog, while the lethal amount for the horse is
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eration of breathing is due to the stimulation of the pulmo-
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Properties. — A white, or yellowish-white, micro-crystal-
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his side was always increased by exertion. At the time of Dr. W.'s
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clenched, and the face more livid than in any previous spasm, and all
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he learns to perform well, and it often happens that he attributes
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iible degree, the therapeutic value of the drug. The
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ment at his temerity in presuming to enter upon the study of medicine
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symptoms are best removed by such means as gradually and equably
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is nearly identical with that of Larrey, says, in fact, that " the most perfect union of the soft
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Pleuropneumonia in Cattle, and Swill Milk. — Our readers will
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three times as much protein, and four times as much fat as
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tracts from this valuable paper are particularly interesting'. Dr. Bow-
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subcutaneously in three doses, 2i, li, and l hour before operation, scopola-
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accident, and from a general decline rather than from starvation.
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fracture resinous, not fibrous; odor slight, but peculiar,
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acute pulmonary oedema, asthma and chronic bronchitis, are
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Before discussing any of the ordinary methods of operating, it
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on all who disregard the warning which it proclaims to the world.
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salivary, and intestinal secretions, and increase the vascu-
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Properties. — Irregular, or sub-globular cakes, with the
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favor. In this instance there is no contraction of the flexor
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the body ; it was, in fact, utterly unrecognizable. This statement
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Dear Sir, — I visited the camp at Readville yesterday, and was grati-
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still greater and full of importance, since it may explain the
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pital every year to undergo important surgical operations, whose lives