of a strength of from one to two per cent. These were well
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figures adding greatly to the value of the text. The result is a book
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during the attacks, but no special diminution was found.
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3 Recherches sur les monstruosites du brochet, observees dans I'oeuf et sur leur mode
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partly digested portion of the food to pass from the stomach, -or
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educator for young and old, and should be in every family. Write for a free
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catarrh as the prominent symptom. A certain number of the cases were at
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which the directions were — or might have been — copied. On the
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trophy of the thyroid gland. As labor advanced, expulsive efforts brought
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present war has been unceremoniously forced into recognizing its
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trifling, inconvenience, when it is considered that for years the bony
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'•* Vide cases of epiphysitis from variola, quoted by Townsend, loc. cit.
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these tests in the text. This chapter is one of the best in the
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of unrest then Politics it will be and make the most of it.
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fectly well until one week ago, when mother noticed child was cross. No
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brought confusion into the clinical side of the question. He says the
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eight days, into the fungous granulations. Considerable pressure is required
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there is violent epigastric pain and colic ; the pain being followed
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of pavement epithelia, mucous corpuscles, and fatty degenerated cells, the
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point is easily demonstrated. A suppurating umbilicus may be the
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extending over some weeks. We must recognize psychic trauma,
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noticed a few minutes after administration. Paraldehyde and amylhydrate
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an upper lobe, particularly in an area made significant by inspec-
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pleasure and benefit derived from its use; that it combats many of
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B. A group of the carcinoma cells from the same specimen. [X 500.]
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rarely if ever presents the proper mentality for the development of
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often liable to have considerable uricacidemia, and, whenever
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forceps were employed. With the very limited resources at my disposi-
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Fig. 4 is a sagittal section through a human anus. The patient suffered
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quarters and on two different grounds. One was from Dr. H. Coupland
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the point mentioned, and citing various authorities in support
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by Csesarean section, making, with her child, a good recovery. She became
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also of albuminuria, points to irritation of the regions of the medulla
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lieved. Her life could have been prolonged by doing an operation such as
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organs, and generally is the dominant salt, it would be fair to state, that
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There is no dearth of books on medical electricity; there are few which
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alcohol flame, strict antisepsis of hands and nails is practised ; iodoform oil
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well up to the day previous. During the autumn she had been in the
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He can read or do light work, according as the physician directs.