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The author adult describes the geographical distribution of blackwater fever, considers its etiology, symptoms. When it is caused by the heart or kidneys, give cathartics that mg carry away much liquid, hydragogue cathartics.

The most rational would treatment for cystitis is the formation of an artificial vesicovaginal fistula which rests the bladder and cures the ureteral stricture.

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I find my greatest strength in aldactone my friends and family. The effects are regurgitation, flowing back of blood from the left ventricle into the left auricle, which is also receiving blood from the lungs, causing dilatation of the auricle and its enlargement to expel the extra blood; dilatation and other enlargement of the left ventricle occurs on account of the large quantity of blood forced in by the auricle; obstruction to flow of blood from pulmonary veins due to extra blood in left auricle, hence dilatation and enlargement of right ventricle which forces blood through the lungs; dilatation and enlargement of right auricle (can).

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