L. Ch. Boisliniere, of (St. Louis, two of the most eminent profes-
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(British Medical Journal, Jnne 15, 22, July 6, Aug. 3, 24, and 31.)
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par<e, quod do I ores nondum experts fuerint (Jia, nw oiim-
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The Senior Censor stated that this section had been so
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Medicine, and the co-ordination and integration of all
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caused great pain of a lancinating character, especially
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Bjorg J. Gingros, d.d.s., Instructor in Dental Auxiliary Utilization and
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and other thinking men have proved, are the true views of
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equal pupils, ataxic gait, ambitious delirium, etc. The
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One must always use rays of sufficient penetrative quantity to paas
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forage sacks being used in place of wheelbarrows, and
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It is, however, a fact that these cases, as well as those
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inimical to health can they be wholly satisfactory.
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have a patient under my^care at present, aged twenty-three, with sinus-
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the place of accident to a hospital or his home, and particularly
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he easily shown that there is no similarity whatever between acute
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" is life within life." Begin with the body of man, for example,
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made practicable for the production of local ansBSthesia.''^
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the Massachusetts Society showed that the organiza-
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above and below the spine, indicating atrophy of the supra- and
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with marines, so that, we are now prepared to do as many
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After the manure, litter, and all material having a tendency to
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The difficulties met with in dissecting the bladder
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This lesion would seem to involve a direct stretching
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an oflScer or a nurse — a nurse and one enlisted man.
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also selected the name of progressive locomotor ataxy (ataxie loco-
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the surrounding tissues. In every case where the peripheral
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of certain signs of pregnancy (movements of the foBtns, etc.), alone serves to
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' hide bound ' in poor and unthrifty horses is universally
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act of coition if the opportunity offers. A very respectable married