towards each other in the relation of cause and effect, and that the
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that he includes perforating wounds, and indeed a^ wounds
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mentation of the skin was unequally distributed, the nipples, pubic region and
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Sir H. Chapters on Mental Physiology, 1858. — 19. Howell, W. H. Journal of
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a most graphic account of the downward progress of an extreme
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APPLETON, William, 76 Beacon St., Boston — 1874. M. D.
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The plaintiffs expert opined that the clot developed
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Avere too delicate to be vaccinated, and children who got small-pox before
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homogeneous mass composed of round cells and connective tis-
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There were three amputations and two deaths, a mor-
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Daily bathing is not indispensable to protect the outlets of these
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and smooth. From June to November the plant produces numerous heads of
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Corporation, do hereby certify that we have examined
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bulbs mive a closer analogy to the Pacciman bodies, excepting that they are wanting in the
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disease, had enjoyed good health from infancy, never had any
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of investiiration and study, and hence indirectly the
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food, which has been accumulating from birth, that it uses
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poor feed, pneumonia, etc., as the horses of more favored climates.
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the ward. I tapped her about an inch and a half below the umbilicus
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incidence. Thus, Dr. Byrom Bramwell in 1908, on analysing the
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invalids that he especially discusses them. In his introductory
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The rubber should be strong and healthy, bright and cheerful,
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excess of the latter. It is reasonable to ascribe this excess to the effect
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excitement and violence it is better to resort to mechanical restraint than
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3. Drix A: The F.I.M.S. and the Olympic solidarity. Sports
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its natural character, and the bladder remained from disease.
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prevents unnecessary infection whilst the man has to wait his
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had seen a considerable number of cases of pachymen-
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involves a sensation of discomfort or distress accompanying the rapid cardiac
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In the above case, two grains of antipyrine were administered on the