his associates as "Rear Admiral Gauer." Jack early developed an affinity for
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between the hours of 9 A.M. and 3 P.M. Should exposure after dark in
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vised that the bull be disinfected with a one and a half per cent,
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should always be our aim to make the diagnosis of perforation before general
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case is designed to contain a sterilizing liquid in
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in their longer duration, and, if complete, in their amelioration under
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27. Cummings, R., and Piness, G.: A Study of Blood Sugar. Comparison of
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In consequence of this opinion, in which Dr. M. H. Luken, Attending
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following letter, from a very enterprising and zealous
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carditis is not common ; it was present, unsuspected during life, in
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but the essential nature of the disease which leads up to this. Syphilis
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excision of portions of the lateral lobes from the rear — without opening
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greatly debilitated, the system devitalized and the blood
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wiU be well for us to attend to the facts of the case, and
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little fpatula, or fuch like inftrument, that the child
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the national meeting is held in May we hold ours in June, and
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and at the same time a cry escaped from his lips, rising in
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the support of Dr. Martin, of St. Bartholomew's Hospital. In a Cambridge
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from surgical kidney. At the suggestion of the exhibitor, a
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than the latter, to which I am unable to give a satisfactory
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albumen. 1 diagnosed the case as one of ureemic intoxication,
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spinal fibers, recognizes in the sympathetic mechanism sensory
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bia, 1' Providence, Lowell and Somerville one each.