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of this affection. One of those distressing cases of neuralgia following after
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according to the indications of the individual case.
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purpose, he prefers using the alkali of the urine itself. He accord-
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the introduction of new material ; and we illustrate in this way the
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laxed, and all this without raising or moving the limb.
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movement already described — or it might be better to depress
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is he who divides the booty. It is not known whether they have a religion ;
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sperm, and that if they do occur occasionally they do no serious
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in the afternoon. Directions were given to remove the tent the
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catarrh," " ulceration of the stomach," and the ^^ dyspeptic condi-
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erally entertained upon cephalic version by European writers :
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head of the femur from its new position, and making it approach
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ory of " sympathy of contiguity' 1 and claimed as an original view the
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ly animal, or an exclusively vegetable diet ; and such consum-
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edge, and through the tissues and skin at the apex of the
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picion that the Chloroform had any agency in her death. I had
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shall Hall for the kindness and courtesy he had shown in coming
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ally more incumbent upon the officers of the Medical Department
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would willingly spare ; with most exquisite humor and sense of the
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country village in Vermont, in consultation on a case of dislocated
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Now, I differ from Mr. Felton in regard to the practicabil-
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hard work to remedy. We trust, however, that even a neophyte would