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with hemorrhage due to the polypus and not to the tumor. This, then, would
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lization from alcohol. The final product was dissolved in freshly dis-
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careless eye at the breakfast-table, had they been rooted
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Crawford, Baxter L., discussion on laboratory and clinical methods, 122
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hangs loose, he cannot blow, and the angle of the mouth droops.
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ing, I usually give a second dose a quarter or half hour afterwards, aud perhaps
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beginning all the cattle should be made to stand so that they will have
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which, it is agreed, are proper subjects of legislation — a thing which,
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greatly in quantity and duration, with different individuals, continuing
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the painstaking and careful work of Folin, an example of whose results
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the pus burrows under the serous membrane, and does not perfo-
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virtues of carbolic acid ;" both of which doctrines have been
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called "degeneracy" for want of a better name. It is the
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the infection with them to Oxford. A most interesting and complete
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2 Vol. CXV, 030. See also British Medical Journal, October 9, 1886.
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culosis by the observations of Farre and Travers (1815), Louis (1826)^
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held in the other, until the mass is about the consistency of a thick
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and indisputable the efficiency of his system of diagnosis, Laennec
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leave the hospital and resume work. The cousrh and expectoration had
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.served in the trephined animals has always been the classical
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Hospital which gave important results. M. Suchard's method
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stowed a large share of my leisure time upon a study
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sort of simple broth is never to let the fire go down too much,
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potential “problem.” The involvement of the counselor in
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In reviewing the various biochemical studies of streptococci, one
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Miss E. J., a Boston school teacher, supposed to be in the last stages of tuberculosis when she began,
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phraseology itself is a foreign language to most of us. We must express
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The vegetable organisms, which have been found connected
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marked changes in the ionization of simple salts, and in the arrangement of
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is a record of every body from the time it is placed in the morgue
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)f the awards against hospitals and hospital-doctor codefen-
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the Library. 2-'{ r. m. — AddresHPs by memberH of«
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color with R-salt, and in aqueous solution yields a slowly developing,
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made familiar. As regards this dressing several modifications are
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rotic about one millimetre beyond the cornea, the whole of the