causal thinking, intellectual skepticism, and value judgment.
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the heart. It is fixed to the sternum from about the third chon-
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of malnutrition, ana3sthesia, etc. He thinks that mistakes in diagnosis are
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will not move. After you have trained him this way for several
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may both be associated with decreased pigmentation of skin
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have nothing to do with diphtheria, false membranes histologically identical
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'345 5 * Elementa iuris civilis secundum ordinem Institu-
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five years, so tlfat he was able to state their exact con-
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seller. ... he acquires no experience from past misfortunes and is
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learn that you do not intend to hurt him ; now com-
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ally diluted ; preferably both should be dispensed with.
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there is none of the disagreeable work of the butcher required to
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married ; had had venereal disease when a young man, but was unable to
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Mok, Edward K. Clinical Assistant Professor of Obstetrics
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bride, at the wedding, is crowned with a chaplet of wormwood. " Hops are
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March 6. In 1883 he had had ^ some pain and swelling in the
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As a dressing after the operation for hare-lip or cancer of the lip. where
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or association approved by the medical licensing board.
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the body by their effects, just like we recognize the action of morphine by ex-
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cology ; but diagnostic power, operative skill, and
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cient endurance, can be rendered practically sterile, and, un-
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our duty to pause and reflect whether the current with vrhich the med-
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related by the owner pointed out the fact that the colt was born
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could separate himself from his senses when he pleased.
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likely to be an overstrain of the muscular structures in
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returning home to study the special life and function of
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main reliance seems to have been placed upon secur-
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infection in this case, it was not diphtheria, although there were a few
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are enormously distended with air, it will be necessary
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marize the accidents in surgery connected with lacerated and
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physicians, is truly alarming throughout Madison and Onondago
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of the palpebral conjunctiva, or lachrymal sac, and it should
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immediately introduced the Hon. Randolph Horton, Mayor of